Just don't end like this poor monkey in front of City Hall...

I kicked off this athletic 2012 challenge with an intentionally non-competitive event – the Philly H3 Mummer’s Day Hash!  This was my first exposure to the Bacchanalian glory of the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.  We were lucky enough to spend NYE celebrating the nuptials of dear friends, and were ready to shake off the revelry of the previous evening with some physical activity, and more revelry!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to make it to Philadelphia on New Year’s Day, I highly recommend penciling it in for January 1st, 2013.    It is truly a day of celebration with traditions unique to the City of Brotherly Love.  Open container laws are wisely ignored by the police, and the entire city is alive with a celebratory air and carnival-like costumes.

Our run on this exceptionally warm New Year’s Day started at the Triangle Tavern, and quickly worked it’s way to the parade route.  The running trail we were following (marked in flour and chalk, as is tradition with the Hash House Harriers) criss-crossed the parade route.  Instead of being admonished by police or parade participants, we received enthusiastic cheers and high-fives from the throngs of colorfully clad inebriated Mummers working their way down the street.    All told, the trail was roughly 3 miles, with 2  “hair-of-the-dog” refreshment stops.   After a few beers at the Triangle, we headed off in search of the obligatory Philadelphia Cheesesteak, and logged four miles of walking before reclaiming our vehicle and heading west.

Miles: 7

Total Miles: 7